Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strike a pose.

My home modeled this weekend for the very talented and kind Beth Cupitt.  She (my house) got a little nervous for her photo shoot but she cleaned up well and she (Beth) got some great photos!!  So stay tuned for the 'modeling debut' of my casa ole' for you to peak a little more at what I have done with my own home. We are wondering if we will get the cover. 

 Thank you Beth for taking your time to swing here on such a crazy day and for taking the time to surf through them, sprinkle magical dust on them and to care so much.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

York on its way!!

I have grown up adoring interior design, fashion and using paper design to accent just about anything. It is rooted in me so I have decided to embark on this adventure and sprinkle it out there!!  So....I have created York Design!!

This is exciting for me to just put anything I work on in the public eye.  All will be done in my spare time  as I am a working woman (if that is English I just spoke - "spare time"??). I am enjoying this journey and living my passions a little louder! I have updated projects to get in front of you, many more photos, designs I am working on for others and a slew of sewing to learn! Stay tuned!!

So, this....I am taking one day at a time BUT enjoy, please check back frequently as I will be working on this in my spare time (there are those words again!) because I am thrilled to put this out there!

I also want to thank all of those who always 
believe in me, support me, 
and for my husband Thomas, who 
inspired me in the end to...actually put anything
 I do out there for others to see.

The 'Little Green Sewing Studio' in my home...awful picture, but a fun room! It is where I work on any projects!!

The 'coffee table' on my back patio. A repurposed horse trough!

The 'Fancy Front Foyer' as we call it in my home!