Saturday, February 14, 2009

York on its way!!

I have grown up adoring interior design, fashion and using paper design to accent just about anything. It is rooted in me so I have decided to embark on this adventure and sprinkle it out there!!  So....I have created York Design!!

This is exciting for me to just put anything I work on in the public eye.  All will be done in my spare time  as I am a working woman (if that is English I just spoke - "spare time"??). I am enjoying this journey and living my passions a little louder! I have updated projects to get in front of you, many more photos, designs I am working on for others and a slew of sewing to learn! Stay tuned!!

So, this....I am taking one day at a time BUT enjoy, please check back frequently as I will be working on this in my spare time (there are those words again!) because I am thrilled to put this out there!

I also want to thank all of those who always 
believe in me, support me, 
and for my husband Thomas, who 
inspired me in the end to...actually put anything
 I do out there for others to see.

The 'Little Green Sewing Studio' in my home...awful picture, but a fun room! It is where I work on any projects!!

The 'coffee table' on my back patio. A repurposed horse trough!

The 'Fancy Front Foyer' as we call it in my home!

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