Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The sweetest reason to design...

I'm going to take one good guess that I am not the only gal out there who has thought "one day putting together a nursery will be the sweetest reason to design a space." Well it was. I thoroughly enjoyed planning and implementing this cheery little space for our darling little man on the way! It wasn't easy though!
I went through SEVERAL idea boards before this one was allowed. Allowed? Yes. Allowed. My husband intervened several times which he never does. I was surprised by his involvement but he swooped in several times and kiboshed ideas because they were too girly. Well, it worked out because I am in love with this bright, fun and eclectic nursery! It took a lot of treasure hunting, out loud thinking with family and friends, a mid-century rocker (yes it rocks!!) green chair re-do that gave me heart palpitations and a lot of help from my dear friends, my mom and my husband because I was huge and halfway incapable. We have had this done for some time now...and I love to just walk in there, sit and smile waiting for this big blessing to arrive. Little man...we can't wait to meet you and I hope you love your cheery space for a cheery you.