Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The sweetest reason to design...

I'm going to take one good guess that I am not the only gal out there who has thought "one day putting together a nursery will be the sweetest reason to design a space." Well it was. I thoroughly enjoyed planning and implementing this cheery little space for our darling little man on the way! It wasn't easy though!
I went through SEVERAL idea boards before this one was allowed. Allowed? Yes. Allowed. My husband intervened several times which he never does. I was surprised by his involvement but he swooped in several times and kiboshed ideas because they were too girly. Well, it worked out because I am in love with this bright, fun and eclectic nursery! It took a lot of treasure hunting, out loud thinking with family and friends, a mid-century rocker (yes it rocks!!) green chair re-do that gave me heart palpitations and a lot of help from my dear friends, my mom and my husband because I was huge and halfway incapable. We have had this done for some time now...and I love to just walk in there, sit and smile waiting for this big blessing to arrive. Little man...we can't wait to meet you and I hope you love your cheery space for a cheery you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love sticks.

I have an absolute recent love for using the natural outside to bring comfort and art to the inside. I saw this "light fixture" and about fell over with a gasp!! Featured in the Dwell magazine, the Andersons stemmed out (no pun intended...I really did just type that w/o thinking about it) and in my eyes have an extraordinary thing going on here!! (see there entire home at

Currently in my home I have two vases of bush branches and I love them. They were free and chopped down from the lot next door to my home. I think I might dare this light fixture below to keep the love for sticks going just a bit more. Over my kitchen island would be a fun place! I even spied a perfect dead branch in my own back yard....
Stay tuned!!

And by the way...I owe this blog some dining room pictures after I completely redesigned it. It is such a dark room to get great shots in so I am working on it. it. It is my favorite room in the house. It is very different....and will surprise you all!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Remember when my home modeled for a little photo shoot? Well....I have tried countless times to get a slideshow of those photos added to this site that streams all the time on the right side of the screen. Well call me blonde if you want (although I am a brunette now) I just can't get it to work well.

My home is the main place I can design up a storm with ideas that have crossed my mind and that I have adored...and when I have the moolah to do it!! So for that reason I have wanted to share it with you!

I have been fighting slideshows for sometime now. I have thrown my hands up in the air....done done done. While not a quitter...this will have to do and I feel quite fabulous giving up for now actually.

So!! Click the picture to the right...and it will take you to a slideshow! ;c) It doesn't stream, but it works and that is that!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Branching out beginnings....

A recent idea board for friends bedroom that wanted a cozy, sophisticated and dramatic room! A little bit about it:
-The background is the wall color
- The GWC are linen pillows embroidered or painted. The patterned area behind the linen pillows would have been the pillows behind the linen pillows, however, the bedding will now be a neutral pattern of toffee and chocolate colors so this has changed.
-They have a sleigh bed and two matching nightstands. We are mixing it up! One nightstand is going to be the seating area's side table and the pedestal table shown here is the new side table replacement.
- The lamps are now whimsical lamps with clear bases!
-The window treatment has a upholstered valance idea, although it has been changed to a stainable wooden valance with a medallion lightly painted on it with the illusion that it is aged.
-The small frames by the table will be quotes or pictures that inspire them when they roll over everyday to wake up!
- The long branch would really be a real branch above the bed, spanning the bed length with small family photos hanging from it. It would be placed in a frame with a ledge for tea lights along the bottom.
Just sharing! I'll update with pictures as the project completes!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Branch out.

I am working on a design for a friend to make her bedroom into these 3 things...sophisticated, cozy and dramatic. In addition, I love that she is welcoming the idea of having a 'surprise' in this space. Every room should have a surprise in addition to a timeless design.
I cannot wait to add the surprise. I imagine it will truly...branch out. Literally!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

There *is* life in York...

First. I have been attending to my 9 to 5. Quite the demand with industry changes! My many apologies for not updating here but duty calls and I have that gene that makes me want to do my best at everything and that has to be priority!  

(Okay...well not galore, but bear with me, I am a working woman!)
That 'do my best gene' includes not taking on projects unless I can put my full attention to them!!  It is tough to sit down and sew for 30 minutes and learn a fact that is just enough time to remember where I left off.  It takes hours to really soak anything in and truly work on something.  But today, Easter Sunday, I loved on my sewing hobby for hours and I had a blast! I am working on my first dress that I would maybe like to call 'Straps' because I have had the straps made for a very long time and the dress is now just starting to join it.  A sneak peak at Straps:

I did some invitations for my neighbors baby shower. Quite an elegant shower with a lot less baby and a lot more 'fancy' all wrapped into one.  These invitations started at The Red Dot Boutique (Target) in a box for $35. Don't get me wrong they were lovely to begin with elegant quality paper in my opinion but .... with a little wording design, some inspired ribbons from her nursery colors, they turned out even more lovely.  I ADORE taking a simple invitation and adding the extra steps to make it more fabulous.  This is why I added 'Paperie' to York Design. It doesn't have to cost a lot. Just a little care, a few ideas...and wah-lah fancy pants for less.  I like to call it 'Pretty Smart'.

I am working on the Allen's dining room design with them and I am very thankful for the opportunity!! My first 'entire room design' and that is what I would like to put most of my focus on so thank you for the opportunity Allens!!!  Mrs. is traditional and Mr. is contemporary. They are quite a hoot to work with marrying their styles. They have just the right amount of feist that makes me laugh with them when we sit down and figure out 'who wins' on the selection. I started with this idea board (below) after listening to their likes and dislikes and it will be fun to see how it evolves as we go after our first meeting with it! It is already changing in a fun way to fit them perfectly and I think it is going to look great! I canNOT wait to show you all of this as it goes!! I am VERY excited and words will not paint how excited!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strike a pose.

My home modeled this weekend for the very talented and kind Beth Cupitt.  She (my house) got a little nervous for her photo shoot but she cleaned up well and she (Beth) got some great photos!!  So stay tuned for the 'modeling debut' of my casa ole' for you to peak a little more at what I have done with my own home. We are wondering if we will get the cover. 

 Thank you Beth for taking your time to swing here on such a crazy day and for taking the time to surf through them, sprinkle magical dust on them and to care so much.