Monday, December 21, 2009

Branching out beginnings....

A recent idea board for friends bedroom that wanted a cozy, sophisticated and dramatic room! A little bit about it:
-The background is the wall color
- The GWC are linen pillows embroidered or painted. The patterned area behind the linen pillows would have been the pillows behind the linen pillows, however, the bedding will now be a neutral pattern of toffee and chocolate colors so this has changed.
-They have a sleigh bed and two matching nightstands. We are mixing it up! One nightstand is going to be the seating area's side table and the pedestal table shown here is the new side table replacement.
- The lamps are now whimsical lamps with clear bases!
-The window treatment has a upholstered valance idea, although it has been changed to a stainable wooden valance with a medallion lightly painted on it with the illusion that it is aged.
-The small frames by the table will be quotes or pictures that inspire them when they roll over everyday to wake up!
- The long branch would really be a real branch above the bed, spanning the bed length with small family photos hanging from it. It would be placed in a frame with a ledge for tea lights along the bottom.
Just sharing! I'll update with pictures as the project completes!

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