Saturday, December 26, 2009


Remember when my home modeled for a little photo shoot? Well....I have tried countless times to get a slideshow of those photos added to this site that streams all the time on the right side of the screen. Well call me blonde if you want (although I am a brunette now) I just can't get it to work well.

My home is the main place I can design up a storm with ideas that have crossed my mind and that I have adored...and when I have the moolah to do it!! So for that reason I have wanted to share it with you!

I have been fighting slideshows for sometime now. I have thrown my hands up in the air....done done done. While not a quitter...this will have to do and I feel quite fabulous giving up for now actually.

So!! Click the picture to the right...and it will take you to a slideshow! ;c) It doesn't stream, but it works and that is that!

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  1. wow! beautiful! i am in love with that dining room!