Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love sticks.

I have an absolute recent love for using the natural outside to bring comfort and art to the inside. I saw this "light fixture" and about fell over with a gasp!! Featured in the Dwell magazine, the Andersons stemmed out (no pun intended...I really did just type that w/o thinking about it) and in my eyes have an extraordinary thing going on here!! (see there entire home at

Currently in my home I have two vases of bush branches and I love them. They were free and chopped down from the lot next door to my home. I think I might dare this light fixture below to keep the love for sticks going just a bit more. Over my kitchen island would be a fun place! I even spied a perfect dead branch in my own back yard....
Stay tuned!!

And by the way...I owe this blog some dining room pictures after I completely redesigned it. It is such a dark room to get great shots in so I am working on it. it. It is my favorite room in the house. It is very different....and will surprise you all!!

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